Planning for 2015!

2015 Reading Challenge!

Source: 9gag

My friend Patti shared this with me on Twitter and well, since I wasn’t able to do the previous challenge I posted (due to unforeseen circumstances XD), I am totally going to prepare for this one in advance.

I’ve already started making a list of books, although finding an author with the same initials is proving to be quite a challenge! More reasons to hate my name lolololol

What I like about taking this challenge is it’s gonna force me to read stuff I don’t usually memoirs. Or nonfiction in general. I guess this is a case of me being ignorant about good books in that genre. So I’m excited because maybe this’ll be like my recent experience with Filipino literature – find a good book, start hunting down more like it on Goodreads, then proceed to stalk all the bookstores everywhere for more. Lol.

This is also gonna be good because I can finally make a dent in the pile of books stacked on my bed. for lack of space because of, well, too many books lying around. Isn’t this every bookworm’s problem though? Hahaha.

It seems like I’m going to be stalking the bookstore tomorrow to find some of the books on my list. Hmmm. (I smell trouble lmao)

Happy New Year everyone! \o/


  1. yay!! orlinchan, i can’t wait to read your chosen books and your reviews!! 😀

    and it’s only through this post that i learned you’re not exactly into nonfiction. haha we have ~opposite tastes in general but i’m learning a lot from your book choices in goodreads.:)

    good luck, may the odds be ever in your favor.:P

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    1. Prayer circle that I actually manage to write half-decent reviews for all of them. Lol.

      Haha. I’ve read and enjoyed some nonfiction, but I think it’s because I’m not that familiar with what’s good in that genre so I avoid it. Or at least, it gets forgotten because of my TBR list filled with book recs. Kaya if you have any nonfiction recs, I’ll take them! 😉

      Thanks Patti! (You haz wordpress!! :O)


      1. i know you will! no pressure 😉 and yes i could recommend you some if i come across something good next time.

        and yes! i planned to keep it to myself first since i know i’d change the url at some point but it’s already there :)))))

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