Warehouse Sales are Awesome!


Books for Less is having a month long warehouse sale this August. The sale’s open to all everyday from 9 am to 6 pm, except on Mondays.  All the books they’re selling are worth 20 bucks each, whether it’s hardbound, paperback, etc. It’s definitely a steal so once payday rolled around, I made sure to visit their warehouse at Pasig City.

The warehouse is huge and filled with tons of books. It has no airconditioning, the shelves are dusty and there’s no way you’re going to leave without feeling dusty and sweaty. A lot of my fellow book lovers were also looking around so it was kinda hard to rummage through boxes and shelves, lol.

But there’s something awesome about being surrounded by books. The thrill you feel when you imagine finding hidden treasure among all the piles and boxes and shelves is something I always love. Finding old, out-of-print or rare books is especially satisfying. I guess it’s the reason why I hoard books. I mean, there’s a ton of books piled on my bed waiting to be read yet…here I am again, buying even more books to add to the already huge pile. I’m pretty sure I’m going to die one day because I got buried and suffocated by the pile of books on my bed while sleeping. (Because, of course, I’m so smart that I stacked them all next to my head oop)

I managed to go around the warehouse twice before finally giving up on looking for more treasure. XD There’s a LOT of books of different genres around. Most of them are children’s books that are stored in huge boxes in the middle of the warehouse. I didn’t bother trying to rummage through them much because I was too lazy. Lol. The sale’s really, really awesome if you’re a kid or have a kid that loves books though. There are soooo many books to choose from.

I saw a lot of romances and nonfiction too. I think most of the books are old stuff, I didn’t really see any books that were published lately. Going around was like looking at my dad’s shelves at home, there was a looot of stuff published in the 80s (I think). Lol. I was hoping to find a few old fantasy novels to complete my collection at home but I didn’t really see any fantasy-ish books. 😦 (Maybe they were all already snatched up by earlier book fans! Lol)

Nevertheless, I still managed to find a few books that seemed interesting or are written by authors I’m fond of. Heh.


I might go back another day and hope they restock on more novels. XD Although, even if I don’t find anything next time, I think I’m pretty happy with the books I found, especially Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (because Hayao Miyazaki <33333).

If you’re interested in going to the sale, you can find directions to get to the warehouse here. This was my first time to visit their warehouse, but it’s pretty easy to get there imo. Just remember the warehouse is in front of La Consolacion College. The tricycle drivers will know where to go. 🙂

You can also visit their site or Facebook page for more details or if you’ve got questions. Happy hunting!



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